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Foreclosuregate: everybody works their plan byJennie Blackburn,, December 02, 2010

Can’t understand why an institution does something that makes no sense?
Find out how they get paid and you’ll get your answer. Because…

Everybody Works Their Pay Plan.

When a borrower becomes delinquent, the loan servicing company gets to charge the investor a higher fee. So the servicer has ZERO incentive to cooperate in a short sale and every incentive to drag things out for as long as possible. This is why short sales take so long. I’m a Realtor in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, where 44% of properties sold in 2010 are either short sales (house is sold ‘short’ of covering the mortgage) or foreclosures. Over the past three years, I sat at many kitchen tables with bewildered homeowners who are the victims of manufactured default.
Everybody Works Their Pay Plan.
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