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HouseLogic talks to financial planner Alan D. Kahn, who offers tips for investing a tax refund in your home based on where you are in life–and with your house.

HouseLogic: What should be your priority if you get a $2,500 refund?

Alan Kahn: No matter what your situation, first and foremost, if you have credit card debt, pay it down. That’s the one item that’s creating financial havoc throughout the country. In fact, the enormous interest payments may ultimately affect your ability to meet mortgage payments.

Although you may be tempted to put a refund in a retirement account, and just continue paying the credit card minimum each month, retirement accounts may not be earning much. However, your credit card company may be charging 15% or more. The best thing to do is get rid of that noose.

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Do banks prefer foreclosures? No, a short sale is more beneficial to the bank and to the homeowner.

Do you know someone who is struggling financially and falling behind on their mortgage?
They probably qualify for a short sale.
In a short sale the bank usually pays all closing costs which include realtor commission, attorney fee & property taxes.
Pass along my email to someone who might need help:

Behind on payments? Want to sell your home?
If you are interested in a SHORT SALE, contact me for more information.
Sell with dignity, preserve your creditworthiness and start rebuilding your life.
I have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosure.
For more information and a FREE REPORT ON SHORT SALES please call

Barbara Pedersen
Realtor®, Short Sale Specialist
(708) 539-9900

or email:

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OK. You Win. Stop Listening to Real Estate Agents!

by The KCM Crew on April 5, 2011

Each day we attempt to give truthful insight on the current housing market. If we report what is perceived as negative news, some in the real estate community come down on us hard. However, when we explain that we think now is a great time to buy, we get an avalanche of feedback from the general public attacking us for being nothing more than puppets for real estate agents across the country. Today, we don’t want you to listen to what we think about the opportunities that exist for buyers in this market. Instead, we want to report on what some members of the investment community are saying.
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