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If Your See This in Your Mailbox, Don’t Throw It Away

The OCC’s Independent Foreclosure Review program has started sending out the program’s Review Forms, which are required to begin the process.  A reader  sent me this photo of what the form looks like when it comes in the mail, so now you’ll know what the envelope looks like… so, be careful not to throw it away.

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  1. charleswaynecox says at Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:42 pmCarefully review what they’re asking you. There are many “traps” built into the questions and many I know are suggesting not answering for those and other reasons.I have a different opinion…if millions of us answer and do it well, not allowing any “exposure” or additional liability by doing a thorough, comprehensive and detailed submission, (they may igonor it but may not…) perhaps we’ll find that these accounting firms that have very different ethics compliance requirements as well as rules and regulations; either find they are so encumbered by work they cannot accomplish according to the (in our instance BofA) 118 page “Engagement Letter” with Promontory Financial Group, LLC, they either do their job, won’t do their job or are so mired down have to refuse to do it or are backed up into oblivion.So I say, go for it but get help from competent legal counsel, bury them in paperwork and questions they MUST answer to show the fraud perpetrated.

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